Ben Alden Watford

Ben A. Watford was born in Winton, {Hertford County} North Carolina - the twelve child of fifteen born to Aberdeen and Richard Watford. He has a bachelors degree from Howard University and a masters degree from Tuskegee University. 


For many years, Ben taught chemistry at Smithtown High School in St. James, New York, and science techniques and elementary mathematics at Long Island University in the Graduate Education Department as an Associate Professor. 


He has also been the Chair-person of the James City Historical Society, Inc. for more than twenty years, and raised the funds necessary for the reconstruction of the Crocket-Miller Slave Quarters, one of the last free standing slave quarters in North Carolina. (Read more about his community work)


Ben is an active potter making pottery on his potter’s wheel. He has had several one man shows at Art Galleries in Eastern North Carolina, and takes special orders upon request. His goal is to have one of his pots in every household.  Ben is also an avid golfer. He currently lives in Fairfield Harbour near New Bern, North Carolina with his wife Barbara. 

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